Annual Membership Option

  • Co-op Press Annual Membership
    Co-op Press Annual Membership

    Benefits of Annual Membership:

    Three free compositions or arrangements of your choice delivered to you by email as PDF files (These files are for your personal or organizational use only and are not to be freely distributed to others. You have permission to make as many copies of the score and parts as you require.) See catalog at Score Exchange (scroll past Sy Brandon's Bio) and then email us with your choices using the link at the bottom of the page.

    If you need an existing
    composition or arrangement adapted for your instrumentation, we will do that for you for free and that will count as part of your five free compositions or arrangements.

    Free participation in any of our commissioning consortia. We encourage you to suggest a consortia at any time.

    Co-op Press will pay you $5 for each program it receives from you for a performance of our music.

    As a
    gift for your initial enrollment, Co-op Press will email you a PDF version of Dr. B's Music Practice Guide.

    Once you join, we will be in touch with you with further instructions on how to take advantage of your membership.

    Please note that membership DOES NOT automatically renew. Members will be sent a reminder in January of each year that if they want to continue to receive the benefits of membership, renewal will be necessary.